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Nibbles: Avoiding the Danger of Organisational 'Artery Hardening'

It was Andy Warhol who suggested that ‘everyone will be famous for 15 minutes’, and this principle can likely be attributed to various #businessimprovement methodologies: 6-Sigma; Agile; TQM; PPBS etc – described by as ‘developing hardening of the arteries’, that ‘lose their youthful glow’, suggesting throwing out any system after 5 years.

However, the reasons for ‘organisational sclerosis’ are many – including ineffectual leadership; inadequate budgets; ill-defined objectives; lack of communication and training.

And what links all of these? An ineffectual top-down approach that fails to really engage throughout the organisation.

For lasting success, #continuousimprovement has to get everyone’s buy-in.

It is essential to take the time to communicate and nurture the rationale for improvement and #innovation, to empower people with self-management. Ensure these ‘softer’ aspects of the business are in place to act as organisational ‘scaffolding’, that can be removed as the processes become ‘self-supporting’ and engrained into a #businessresilience culture.

Isn’t it time to take a more holistic and inclusive approach to #continuousimprovement methodologies to prevent them becoming old, past their sell-by date and ignored?


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