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Did the Pandemic Accelerate D&I? Yes...and No

Is #diversityandinclusion being driven by the pandemic? Well….not entirely.

It’s mainly down to awareness of two things: future demographic shifts and recent events.

In 15 years’ time, #millennials (currently aged 27 – 40) will make up 75% of the workforce, and with their Generation Z colleagues - they are globally savvy, active on social media and want to work for companies with a moral compass that reflect their view of the world.

Additionally, populations are changing. Research shows that by about 2050 in the US, White Caucasians will be in the minority, with over 50% of the population made up of African Americans, Hispanics and Asians.

With recent events, we’ve had the #MeToo movement, and #BlackLivesMatter fuelling the D&I fire, but #WorkingFromHome has also fractured cultures and disenfranchised workforces, thereby driving this agenda.

D&I has moved from being a priority to THE priority.

So it's not just the pandemic's impact...but the time is now.

We believe that organisations that don’t ‘get with the programme’ are going to be left behind.

Do you?


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