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Don't let culture turn into an excuse and a diversion

It is all too common for business leaders to view company culture as a last resort, especially when they are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Unfortunately, this sort of thinking doesn't help with the problem. It only leads to an overhauling of the culture which creates more problems than it solves. Culture thus turns into an excuse and a diversion, rather than an accelerator.

In my opinion, company culture is something that should be reflected on and considered early on. It can and should be an early priority in order to clarify what your company is capable of, even as you refine your strategy.

As an organisation you need to be coherent among your culture, strategic intent, and your performance priorities. If these are on point with each other it will make the whole company more attractive to both your employees and customers. Rather than attacking the heart of your company, you will be making the most of its positive forces as your culture evolves in the right way.

You also need to measure cultural progress in your initiatives. This way, you would not only have proof when a corrective course is required. Tangible evidence of improvements could be demonstrated as well. Communicating results internally and providing insight in employee contributions are great tools in keeping your workforce involved and committed. Moreover, consistency and regular assessments will allow you to keep up a stable pace for incremental changes and be sustainable as a business.

A little warning though, measurement efforts can quickly become time-consuming, expensive and survey fatigue can easily set-in. Or actually, people don’t have survey fatigue; they have lack-of-action fatigue: people don’t want to participate because your company has not done anything since the last request to participate!

What can companies do to avoid lack-of-action fatigue? Any great examples to share?


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