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Genuine recognition or trophy women?

According to the #worldeconomicforum Global Gender Gap Report 2020, it will take another 100 years to achieve gender equality based on the current rate of progress.


➡️ Represent 39% of the global workforce but accounted for 54% of job losses as of May 2020

➡️ Are over-represented in sectors which are most heavily hit by the pandemic

Inequalities disproportionately affect certain groups of women, depending on the intersections of gender with race, ethnicity, religion, class, ability, sexuality and other identity markers

While increasing the proportion of women on the board is important, companies should embrace further steps to close the gender gap. Examples:

➡️ Invest in women talent early on

➡️ Realize fair representation and compensation

➡️ Recognize the variation of women’s experiences in the workplace

Furthermore, shareholders should push companies to adopt better practices.

Does your company truly recognize women for their abilities and skills, instead of branding them as diversity trophies?


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