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Great minds don't think alike

We all know the expression “Great minds think alike”. Actually, they don’t! Let me explain why I disagree and I will do that in light of workplace diversity.

When you think of #diversityintheworkplace most of us think of the kind of diversity you can identify easily such as diversity related to ethnicity, gender and age.

There is another type which is an essential, but often less visible part of diversity in the workplace. I am referring to #cognitivediversity: diversity in thought, ideas and problem-solving approaches originating from the different experiences, cultural backgrounds, etc that employees bring to the workplace. This diversity is key in opening up an organisation to new perspectives and will lead to more #innovation and to better results. #millennials for example expect to work in an environment that encourages all types of opinions and experiences, including their own.

A lack of cognitive #diversity can result in difficulties to challenge colleagues, insufficient outside-the-box (or as I prefer to say “without-a-box”) ideas and falling behind. Employers therefore need to pay attention to cognitive diversity.

So, what's your opinion after reading this post? Do or don't great minds think alike?


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