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How to recruit more diverse talent

Despite employers mentioning that increasing #diversity in their workforce is a priority, they are facing challenges in implementing the right programs to do so.

Achieving a diverse and #inclusive workforce is dependent on helping professionals from a range of backgrounds find your company. Organizations can create a clear competitive advantage by adopting new strategies and tools.

Research has found that you can attract more diverse candidates through:

➡️ Writing your job postings more carefully

➡️ Using sourcing methods that contain more diverse candidate pipelines

➡️ Offering flexibility such as work from home options and flexible hours

➡️ Using reliable personality assessments

Technology tools can also help organizations expand the range of potential candidates. Some examples:

➡️ Proofing tools to identify biased language in job postings

➡️ #aipowered software to enable blind #hiring, meaning candidates are judged based on skills

➡️ #webcrawling technology which finds candidates through their online profiles

➡️ #gamification techniques as part of the assessment

Are you missing out on the opportunity to access more diverse job candidates? Acting now will create the ability to tap into more diverse talent pools.


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