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How To Smash The Glass Ceiling

Many reports speak of the woeful under-representation of women in management globally, yet even when opportunities are made available, so often - as women - we self-sabotage.

Here are 7 guidelines to help women rise to the top - and flourish.

1. Lack of #selfbelief holding you back? Understand those limiting behaviours, and work to change that mindset.

2. Break free from expectations of being the ‘good girl’ - follow your heart and #passions.

3. Speak up. Release yourself from fear of being judged.

4. Find a #mentor to challenge, push and hold you accountable.

5. Celebrate and ‘own’ your past successes and accomplishments - speak of them with pride.

6. Be clear about what you want and need - and ask for it.

7. Find a support group that can make you stronger and reinforce your self-belief.

There's the glass ceiling imposed from external circumstances, but first, we need to break the internal glass ceiling to release the potential powerhouse within.

Future generations of women need more inspirational female leaders in business to look up to - demonstrating that self-confidence breeds success.

I can relate to all 7 of these - which ones resonate with you?


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