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Keep an open mind... and amazing things will happen!

Plenty has been researched and said about how #diversity is good for business. Nowadays, businesses are more multinational, so they have to take into account different cultures. And if you want to be innovative, it is crucial to have those different cultures represented in your organisation. The more perspectives you have, the more new ideas you will generate. In a world where #innovation is key, embracing diversity can and will lead to success.

However, never forget the #inclusion part! It is important to be aware of the culture and background of your coworkers. This will help one to better understand how everyone thinks, processes information and makes decisions. It will also support building and nurturing an inclusive culture. This is a culture where everyone feels valued, listened to, respected, represented and cared for, - and where they can ’be themselves’, without fear of recrimination - meaning that diverse employees will go the ‘extra mile’, feel more engaged, and be proud to work hard for the company.

When it comes to #equalityforall and diversity, we as humans are influenced by our experiences. This can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because diversity of thought can lead to new ideas, but also a curse because we often need to get rid of our own biases.

Sometimes it can be hard to engage in an exchange of ideas when different cultures are involved. But when we manage to do so and open our mind, amazing things can happen!

What’s your take on this? Any success stories to share?


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