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Population Growth Needs Gender Balanced Support

A recent piece by CNN reported that China is rethinking its two-child policy (brought in during 2016), now allowing couples to have 3 children.

However, whilst the country has an intense work culture of abnormally long working days supporting the economic boom, the bulk of childcare and housework still remains with women.

Despite the Chinese government banning discriminatory hiring practices, a survey by the leading recruiting website stated that 58% of female job seekers were asked about their marital and childbearing plans at interviews in 2020, because employers do not want the burden of paying #maternityleave.

Because of this #discrimination, many young women are forgoing marriage and childbearing. Zhang, a 33-year-old from Chengdu, said "I'm determined not to get married or have children. It is not only a personal choice, but also my political statement against gender inequality in the whole system."

If it’s to work fairly, encouraging population growth for the future, needs a #genderequity approach. Don’t you agree?


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