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The 6 C-Words for Successful Inclusive C-Suites

With #diversityandinclusion increasingly the priority on board agendas, what are the 6 key traits required of today’s leaders to realise success?

1. Curiosity: because change is happening so fast, you need to stay receptive to different ideas.

2. Cultural Intelligence: because new ideas can come from the most unlikely places.

3. Collaboration: because teams working together using #diversity of thought, will more likely solve the pressing problems.

4. Commitment: because having tapped into innovative ideas, it’s important to see them through to the end.

5. Courage: because if it was easy...everyone would be doing it.

6. Cognisance: because keeping your antenna up to remain aware of challenges to the status quo, will keep you agile.

Lately, D&I has moved from the edge of C-Suite consciousness, to demanding more and more executive attention. Whilst the #businesscase still needs to be determined, these new management styles should be adopted to support successful implementation.

Do you have what it takes to use these C-Words?


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