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The importance of a diverse workplace

A diverse and inclusive workplace means people of - for example - all genders, ethnicity, cultures and age are accepted and included to reach a common goal. Such a workplace can help organizations in many ways. Mainly, it can serve as a reflection of the world we live in and can help companies better adapting their products & services to the needs of their customers.

Diversity is no longer just a matter of regulatory compliance or even social justice.

Studies show that diverse organizations are:

➡️ 33% more likely to generate better-than-average profits

➡️ 70% more likely to capture new markets

➡️ 1.7 times more likely to become innovation leaders in their field

➡️ in a better position of attracting top talent

However, a lot of companies are struggling with their D&I strategy and find it hard to move beyond the numbers.

A first step would be understanding the importance of diversity and treating each employee as a unique person. This allows a company to emphasize workplace inclusion and cultivate a healthy and inspiring culture.

What does your organization do to realize such a culture?


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