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Want to Close the Gender Gap?

In the recent report from the World Economic Forum on the Global Gender Gap, the depressing news is that the pandemic has extended the likely time when we will see this gap closed, from 99.5 to 135.6 years!

The #GenderGap is assessed through four lenses (shown below) and tracks the closing progress over time.

- Economic Participation and Opportunity

- Educational Attainment

- Health and Survival

- Political Empowerment

Women have been negatively impacted by the pandemic through job loss and pay reductions from shouldering more of the burden on family care, and when resources have been squeezed, they have more likely been the first to feel the pain.

Pre-pandemic, it would have taken 3 generations to close the gap, but now...if nothing will be our great, great-granddaughters who will have to wait to see the gap closed. That’s far too long!

Business needs to take a lead.

Let’s start by holding Executives accountable through their bonuses being linked to achieving their Gender Equality KPIs.

Don’t you think?


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