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What Women Want (In the Workplace)

What are the 4 key elements needed for attracting, retaining and promoting women in the workplace?

1. #JobFlexibility Being allowed to work where, when and how they deem suitable to ‘get the job done’ that supports their needs (e.g. raising families).

2. Wellbeing #Benefits Paid time off was rated highly, with good healthcare a strong second.

3. Making a Difference Most women want meaningful work that aligns with their values, reflecting the way they self-identify, which can be described as ‘a calling’, since this drives #jobsatisfaction.

4. REAL Leadership Opportunities Unsurprisingly, women want #payequality, paid leadership training, experiences and opportunities to achieve #success.

However, the research also shows that the vital job flexibility desired by women is more often offered to men.

Women also showed hesitancy in accepting leadership opportunities - uncertain they would obtain appropriate resources and the full support from colleagues - worried they were being set up for failure.

But none of these 4 seem like ‘rocket science’, so what do you think is stopping organisations?


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