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Women Drive Greater Workplace Satisfaction

Whilst women are often described as ‘home-makers’, research shows that they could also be called ‘work-makers’

The findings showed that more women in the workplace make for a more enjoyable working environment for everyone - regardless of age, industry, company size, seniority, ethnicity and #gender.

The results indicated:

- More job satisfaction

- Better commitment to the organisation

- Increased focus on the work

- Less burnout

- Higher staff retention and loyalty

- Better work/life balance

- Greater opportunities to make a difference

And interestingly, there was also a strong positive response from men on these issues. With organisations trying to work out how to manage their workforce and deal with the mental wellbeing fall-out from the lockdowns and working from home...the answer seems simple - increase the percentage of women in the workforce.

Do you agree with these findings?


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