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Workplace diversity...... is a no-brainer

The importance of workplace diversity is the ability for a company to have all types of talent and perspectives at their disposal.

Workplace diversity:

➡️ Is an important enabler to unlock creativity and therefore a key element in any thriving team. With a multitude of different perspectives and backgrounds, everyone is able to offer something unique that would have never been seen otherwise. This is exactly what companies need.

➡️ Reduces the chances of groupthink. This applies to all organisational levels. The most profitable companies are finding that diverse #leadership teams are a powerful competitive advantage. These companies will increase diversity on their executive team and look to hire managers from underrepresented groups and outside their own networks.

➡️ Can help companies become more customer-centric by understanding different needs and behaviors of customers which in turn helps to create a better product or service. They are able to identify future needs, improve internal processes, and deliver more effective products which is ultimately good for business.

So, if diversity is a no-brainer... why do so many businesses still not have a healthy balance of different people from different backgrounds working for them?


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