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Nibbles: A Covid Survival Plan for Education

As Educational Organisations have reacted to the current unprecedented situation, most have completed the first two steps of Predixa’s ‘Education: COVID Hierarchy of Needs’.

STEP 1: Meet baseline government regulations and protect all stakeholders.

STEP 2: Adapt to the short-term by moving many courses online, and adjust payment plans to help those struggling financially.

STEP 3: Educationalists need to be looking over the horizon in order to plan and survive in the medium to long-term however, adopting an attitude of #continuousimprovement and #innovation, to optimise competitive positioning and #businessresilience.

Schools and colleges need to focus on the #businessbenefits of initiatives, supporting regular cycles of improvement across the organisation to drive increased #performance, #productivity and #profitability, thereby creating a robust organisation adapted to meet future challenges – whatever they may be and turn this pandemic into an opportunity to exploit the growing demand in the future.

It often takes a crisis to expose fault-lines that we already knew existed, so maybe now is the time to radically overhaul the existing education business model?


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