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Listen more to your Employees!

During a recent conversation about #continuousimprovement with contacts who work closely advising #familyrunbusinesses, we were discussing the value of using employee assessments to discover potential areas of concern and focus.

I was disconcerted by their reaction: ‘our clients are going to say…”why do I need to run an assessment with my staff?…I know what they all think”.’

I mentally held my head in my hands with despair.

Aren’t the stats well-known? When employees feel involved in an organisation there is: 26% less staff turnover; 20% less absenteeism; 15% increase in employee productivity and around 30% increase in customer satisfaction levels – and that’s just for starters!

I understand that the head of a family-run business may pride themselves in a patriarchal or matriarchal approach. But at a time when most organisations are trying to work out how to adapt to meet the current extraordinary challenges, what's holding you back from empowering your frontline staff? Listening to their suggestions and acting upon their feedback gives your business key insights as to how to #innovate out of this crisis.

I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.


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